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Company Policy

Quality Policy, Safety, Health and Environment Policy, Risk Management Policy, Information Security Policy

In order to achieve vision & mission of Quality, Safety & Healthy, Environment, Risk Management & Information Security, PT PP Presisi Tbk to set up & socialize Company Policy.

The Company also implement Good Corporate Governance (GCG) which has become a necessary requirement in increasing stakeholder trust.

We work in the highest culture of integrity and compliance. PP Presisi adopts best GCG practices throughout the Company's operations and finances.

By applying the principles of GCG namely Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence and Fairness known as TARIF, we are committed to maximizing company values, to increase stakeholder value, improve performance and competitiveness as well as enhance a conducive work environment.  

The Company also encourages the implementation of corporate social responsibility to the surrounding community to increase investor confidence and sustainable growth. The main principles in sustainable development are the principles of economic welfare, social justice and environmental preservation.